A chance to experience new places, cultures and ways of thinking can pave the way to countless opportunities, both personally and professionally. Every year, families and individuals move to countries like Australia for the chance to grow professionally and experience a truly wonderful quality of life.

Taking an IELTS test is one of the requirements to apply for a job in an English-speaking country like Australia. Always confirm which IELTS test you should take with the institution you have applied to work or study at. 

Below, we have highlighted some of the industries you could join if you take an IELTS test and start your journey abroad.


Jobs for registered nurses and other healthcare professionals are most in demand in Australia. This includes roles for carers of children, aged and disabled people. IELTS can boost test takers’ confidence in speaking and listening in English as both skills are covered in detail, in the preparation material and the IELTS test itself. For those with experience and qualifications in healthcare, a career in Australia looks promising! 

Software and App Programmers

In Australia and all over the world, the number of jobs for software developers, cyber security professionals and related roles is growing fast. The rise of remote working means that even those who want to live at home but have the skills to fulfil digitally driven roles in Australia, can do so.  Consider the benefits of earning in Australian dollars and book your IELTS test to add a competitive edge to your resume. 

Construction Professionals

The construction industry is known to pay well for those with the right skills. Major cities like Melbourne and Sidney are set to keep growing in the future, so opportunities for project managers and other roles in construction will grow too. 

Advertising and Marketing Professionals

The digital world has made such an impact on the marketing industry, any company without a strong marketing department is missing out on opportunities. This means that companies in every industry are looking for skilled marketing and advertising professionals to put their brand at the forefront of customers. If you have experience in a role that didn’t exist 20 years ago, you could gain valuable experience in Australia!

Open your career to global experiences where you skills are in demand. Make your move with IELTS from the British Council.