Middleton Hall - Learn English Radio Series

Having produced 7 series of ‘Obla Air’, we’ve now developed a new series called Middleton Hall - which is ready for broadcast.

This new series follows the same drama-based format as 'Obla Air' and the episodes are the same duration – 15 minutes.

Middleton Hall is pitched at a slightly lower level than Obla Air – making it more accessible to lower-level radio listeners.

Story background: Middleton Hall is a small country house hotel just outside London. It is owned by Charles Middleton and his wife, Janet. They are a rather unworldly couple and leave the day-to-day running of the hotel to their manager, Sitwell, who rules his staff with a rod of iron.

Middleton Hall series 1 is currently being broadcast on the national radio broadcaster - Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) radio 2 on 95.7 FM; every Tuesday and Wednesday at 14:05.


Obla Air - Learn English Radio Series

We have currently finished broadcasting all series of Obla Air.

'Obla Air' is a radio series which focuses on English for social purposes.

A series consists of twenty 15-minute drama-based programmes set in a work-place environment. ‘Obla Air’ is aimed at 16-35 year-olds (late school / adults).

There are 7 series of LER Obla Air available for broadcast.

Story background: Obla Air is a small, independent budget airline, which operates with only one plane. Each episode features a lively and engaging drama with contemporary music and cliff-hangers to pull listeners in.

The theme allows for interaction between a small number of interesting characters, both male and female, operating in a context relevant for all audiences around the world.




If you are interested in broadcasting  our LearnEnglish Radio programming from the British Council please contact us.