If you’re planning to graduate in a country like Australia, there are a few important steps to include in your journey. Use the top 5 tips below to make your plan to study in Australia a smooth one.

Apply on Time

Once you’ve researched which institutions offer the course you are interested in, complete your application well in advance of the deadline. Your application criteria may take time to gather, so note the university’s requirements and get started as soon as possible.

When you take IELTS on Computer with the British Council, you can book within four calendar days and get a preview of your results in 3-5 calendar days.

Book your IELTS Test

IELTS is the most widely accepted English language test for measuring English skills to study, work and migrate to Australia. Check what IELTS band score you will need with the university you are applying to so you can be adequately prepared. 

Book your test with the British Council and we’ll send a copy of your IELTS test report form to the universities that you have applied to.

Prepare for your IELTS Test

Even though you speak English, it is important to study for the IELTS test because it can be tricky! We offer plenty of free preparation material including video tutorials, apps, practice tests , and study guides. 

When you take IELTS with the British Council, you can access IELTS Ready Premium, worth $60, for free right up until your test date. Our comprehensive course is designed to help you succeed!

Apply for your Student Visa

Your student visa will enable you to work while you study in Australia, or travel in and out of the country during the holidays. Once you have a student visa, you’ve opened the door to an international academic career! You can even include a partner or family member on your student visa, so they can join you in Australia while you study.

Research Accommodation

Make sure you have budgeted for accommodation costs and consult with the university you have applied to for options. Apartments can be quite expensive, so get an early start on this part of your planning to avoid being stuck with high rent.

Make your student life a memorable experience and book your IELTS test today!