If a university in the warm and welcoming country of Australia is part of your tertiary or post-graduation study plans, it helps to understand the student visa process. Make these tips part of your to-do list as you plan to make your move abroad.

When to apply

An IELTS test will be part of your visa and university application requirements. The International English Language Testing System is the most trusted test of its kind in the world and organisations across Australia accept IELTS from students and professionals with goals of living abroad. You can book your IELTS test with us in just four calendar days. If you take IELTS on Computer, you can preview your results in 3-5 calendar days and if you take IELTS on Paper, your results will be available in 13 calendar days.

Visa processing times can vary so be sure to apply months in advance to avoid disappointment. Confirm with the Australian immigration authorities and check the handy processing time tool on their websitehere. For a student visa, the required overall IELTS score is 5.5.

IELTS band score requirements

If you plan to study in Australia, you will likely need to take IELTS Academic. Confirm this with the institution you plan to apply to study at and check what their IELTS band score requirements are.

Make sure you are well prepared to succeed in your IELTS test. Your English Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills will be assessed. You can prepare with free material when you book your IELTS test with us – IELTS Ready Premium is our most comprehensive preparation course!

Application documents

There is a long list of documents to prepare for your visa. Start by getting in touch with the Australian Department of Home Affairs so you can confirm the checklist on their website is up to date and use it to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Your IELTS Test Report Form is one of the most important documents you will need to apply for your Australian student visa. When you take IELTS with us, we can send up to five copies of your Test Report Form to institutions like immigration authorities. Other documents you will be required to present include a confirmation of enrolment letter and a valid passport.

Understanding your visa

Once you have your visa, make sure you understand exactly how you can use it and how long it is valid for. You are allowed to travel in and out of Australia while you have your visa so visiting home or seeing new countries will not be a problem. Once your courses have begun, you can work for up to 48 hours per fortnight but you may not begin work before your studies have commenced. This makes finding work experience while you study a reality.

When you take IELTS so you can apply to study abroad, preparing for the test can help boost your confidence before you arrive in Australia and start your studies in English. Book your IELTS test and make your move!