See the registration process for school exams co-ordinators below:

Request a school exam entry form

If you are a British Council attached centre, you are responsible for entering your students for school exams. Email your local British Council office for a school exam entry form.

The registrations close on 15 February 2021.

Complete the entry form

Download and print the exam registration forms for your school candidates. To complete their forms, students will need three colour passport-size photograph. These must be taken within the past three months. They will also need a clear photocopy of a valid Computerised National ID Card (CNIC) or passport.

Please ensure that you do not exceed your school's agreed quota of students for examination..

You can register students individually or in bulk. If you would like to bulk register your candidates, please contact your local British Council office for more information.

Make your payment

Offline Payment - Ways to Pay

Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit

  • Direct Cash Deposits
  • Stanbic Internal Bank Transfers 

If you choose “offline payment” your registration is not complete until payment is received and acknowledged. 

Completing the British Council Deposit Slip

You must quote your Registration Reference Number and name of school (if relevant) on Description of payment/ Purpose or Reason of Payment.

If you are unable to locate your reference number, please contact our customer service team for assistance on telephone: Lusaka (260 211 376 700 / 0960 281591) or  Email: 

Failure to quote a reference number may delay your application process. No payment will be accepted without this information. To minimise delays, you must include your Registration Reference Number in all communications.

Submit your school's application

You have completed the entry form spreadsheet and made the correct payment for your candidates. Now you are ready to submit your school's application.

To do this, you will need to send the below to your local British Council exams centre via email and via courier:

Your email should include two attached documents:

  • Your completed entry form spreadsheet for all candidates
  • A scanned copy of your bank deposit slip.

The subject title of the email should be your exam centre code and your CIE or Pearson Edexcel centre number.

Send the following documentation by courier to your local British Council exams centre:

  • Your bank deposit slip
  • A photocopy of the information data page(s) of candidate(s)
  • Three current passport-size photo–  the photo should be stapled to the copy of student ID.

Please write your CAIE or Pearson Edexcel attached centre number and the relevant candidate numbers (as shown on entry form spreadsheet) on the back of all documents and photos.

Your registration is now complete

You have now successfully registered for school exams with the British Council. You will receive your candidates' Statements of Entry and information about examination venues approximately three weeks before their exams.

If you need to make changes to your submitted entries, please contact your British Council office to discuss any amendments.